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Percussa Elite Pro

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A Little Bit About Your New Friend, We Know You're Nervous.

Key Features:
 20 Speed Adjustable (1800 - 3600 rpm)
 6 Hour Maximum Battery Life
 Touch Screen Control Panel
 8 Specialized Massage Heads
 Rubberized Grip

For years, percussive therapy with AI-powered devices was only available to professionals. Now, we're bringing the good stuff to you. 

Say hello to the Percussa Elite Pro.

This is our most powerful gun, engineered inside-out for the athlete. It comes not with 4, not 6, but 8 specialized massage heads. Because we know the importance of isolating those muscle groups for effective recovery and activation.

Installed with powerful motors, the gun operates at an unprecedented maximum of 3600rpm! If you can't feel this thing, your nerves need to be checked. With new noise reduction technology, your gun will operate at a mere 40 decibels --you don't have to worry about making a ruckus. The air-funnels are designed for efficient heat dissipation, rest assured your gun won't heat up from long use.

We rubberized the handle so your gun is both comfortable and grip-able to use. The interactive touch-screen control panel at the back gives you full control of your gun's AI system. We installed a longer-lasting battery now giving you up to 6 hours synced with an LED indicator ringed at the bottom of the handle.

We guarantee that this will pound out that muscle soreness like no tomorrow. Start decreasing recovery times and increasing productivity. It's time to start training like an elite athlete.